20 Best AI Writing Tools For 2024

ai writing tools

Do you want to save time and money by using the best AI writing tools? Did you know that you can write blog entries, product descriptions, ad copy, and much more with AI writing tools?

Artificial intelligence is changing the world — and the digital writing industry is no exception.

If you’re a content writer, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of AI writing tools. These tools use artificial intelligence to help writers create better content more efficiently.

There are a number of different AI writing tools in the market, each with its own set of features and capabilities.

As more and more people turn to AI writing tools for help with language-based tasks, writers are turning to new ways of managing their workflow and making the most of their content creation. AI writing tools have made their job easier.

We’ve compiled a list of the top AI writing tools on offer so that you can reap all the benefits without getting lost in a tangle of unfamiliar jargon or technical features.

Best AI Writing tools







Article Forge

AI Writer






Neural Text


Prowriting Aid



Closers Copy


Regie Ai


1. CopyAI

copy ai writing tools

CopyAI is a popular and best AI writing tool that can help you eliminate writer’s block. Copy AI tool comes with a bunch of great creativity features and lets you start your next project with a few keystrokes.

Over 1000000+ professionals and teams use Copy AI

The workflow of Copy AI tool is Simple

  • Choose a copywriting project ( blog title, blog intro, ad copy, etc)
  • Enter few keywords
  • Let AI generate a few versions of the content
  • Select the best version


  • A free Version for a lifetime without a credit card is available
  • 100+ tools and templates. There are a lot of writing templates to choose from. You can pick the template that best suits what you want to accomplish. You can give instructions to the AI behind the scenes with the templates.
  • It supports 25+ languages, making it easier to communicate with non-English speakers. For example, you can translate content perfectly into another language.
  • CopyAI’s long-form content editor lets you write long-form content, such as blog posts that rank high on Google.
  • It is easy to use.



Free Plan

Pro: $49/month

Team: Custom Pricing



writesonic ai writing tools

Writesonic is the best AI writing software that can generate unique content, based on the preferences and needs of its users. The software also helps users create outlines, which they can use as a springboard for their own writing.

WriteSonic can help content marketers reach their audience by providing fresh ideas, eliminating writer’s block, and boosting creativity.

By creating ai content that is engaging, unique, and compelling, they help their clients to reach a wider audience on different social media platforms.


  • You can create impressive marketing materials for your brand in minutes.
  • You can create a blog post and an optimized article in seconds.
  • Writesonic can help you craft unique and engaging articles, blogs, and other content with the perfect tone and flow.


writesonic pricing

Free Trial: $0

Basic: $15/month

Professional: $45/month

Startup: $95/month

Agency: $195/month

3. Rytr

Rytr ai writing tools

It’s an ai content writing tool that uses artificial intelligence to write articles for you. The algorithms are trained on historical data, so they can produce unique and compelling articles with the right tone and style. They also pass grammar tests.

Rytr allows you to write about any topic, including technology, business, and sports. It can also be used for ai copywriting in different styles, such as blog posts, articles, or reviews.

Rytr AI writing tool will have your article written in less than an hour. No need to wait for a human editor.


  • Character count, word count, and tone are all available in this easy-to-use tool.
  • Grammar check for your writing to make it look professional.
  • A plagiarism check helps you avoid using plagiarized material.
  • Explore the possibilities by browsing a library of over 2,000 ideas.


rytr pricing

Basic Plane: Free

Saver Plan: $9/month

Unlimited Plan: $29/month

4. Quillbot

quillbot ai writing tools

Quillbot is an efficient and effective AI software tool for writers of all types. Students, academics, and researchers will love it.

The tool is free and you can use it right away without signing up or creating an account. 


  • A paraphraser does what it sounds like: it takes your content and paraphrases it so that it meets your needs.
  • Helps you keep track of your citations.
  • Plagiarism Checker
  • Grammar Checker
  • Microsoft Word extension


quillbot pricing

Annual: $8.33/mo

Semi-Annual: $13.33/mo

Monthly: $19.95/mo

5. INK For All

ink for all ai content writing tools

Ink for All is a new way of communicating, designed to help you do more with your content. Its text editor and browser extension, allow you to create and share content.

This AI writing tool has a variety of built-in features that help you get your content noticed by search engines.


  • Paraphrasing long-form content.
  • Get more people to read your headlines by turning them into compelling, engaging words.
  • The SEO feature helps you produce content that ranks high on search engines.
  • Team management


ink for all- pricing

Starter: $8.80/mo

Pro SEO: $44/mo

Team SEO Unlimited: $177/mo

6. Copysmith

copysmith ai content writer

It’s an AI-powered content creation and publishing software that makes it easy to create, edit, and share content on your blog or website. It is the best ai copywriting tool.

Copysmith uses AI algorithms to give you rich, high-quality content with the style of your writing. It saves you time and money by creating unique text for your campaigns and makes sure they are effective for both customers and your business. Copysmith can be used in any language.


  • Wide variety of templates to choose from including blog posts, video intros and outros, and webinars.
  • It has built-in integrations that are designed to help you grow.
  • Affordable choosing


copysmith- pricing

Starter: $19/month

Professional: $59/month

Teams: $118/month for 2 users

7. Article Forge

article forge ai writing software

Article Forge is the AI content writer that helps you to generate topics based on a specific niche. Many Big companies use Article Forge to create articles on various niches


  • Create high-quality articles at a very low cost.
  • This is a tool that allows you to write in your own unique style, as though you were writing with a pen.
  • Article Forge drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to insert content, and the templates can be customized to meet your needs.


article forge pricing

Standard: $27/month – 250,000 words/mo

Unlimited: $57/month

8. AI Writer

ai writer writing tool

With real-time AI content generation that uses writing models to write from scratch, it is one of the most accurate content generation platforms. It will also provide you with high-quality and relevant content that will match your target audience’s needs.

It is a simple and easy-to-use AI writing tool with some great features. It’s a great way for anyone to get started writing, whether you’re just getting started or want to share your thoughts with the world.


  • All content generated by the platform is automatically optimized for search engines.
  • Whether you’re an expert on one specific topic or a generalist, you’ll find interesting topics for your articles here.
  • This app ensures the quality of your content by guarding against duplicates and other forms of plagiarism.


ai writing tool pricing

Basic Plan: $29 per month

Standard Plan: $59 per month

Power Plan: $375 per month

9. Frase

frase ai writig tool

Frase is the best ai writing software and a great tool for creating long-form content. It has lots of different features that make it a powerful writing tool. Frase offers a 7-day trial at a cost of $1.


  • It provides integration with the Google search console
  • It provides you the AI editing document features
  • Provides export to PDF, HTML and Excel



Basic Plan: $44.99/mo

Team Plan: $114.99/mo

Enterprise Plan: Contact

10. Text Blaze: AI Writing Tool

textblaze ai writing tool

Text Blaze app another ai writing software provides you with a quick and easy way to create text snippets that you can insert anywhere, including social media posts and landing pages.

It provides you with the ability to communicate with other apps, as well as advanced business logic.

The set-up process is straightforward and easy to use, which makes snippets a good option for anyone who wants to manage their content.


  • It provides you with 100+ customized templates
  • Helps you to easily collaborate by sharing features
  • It is available on most popular web apps



Basic Plan: $0


Business: $6.99

11. Articoolo

ai writing tools

Articoolo is the best solution for bloggers who works on WordPress and provides blog content rapidly.

It is an automated blog article generator that works similarly to other AI text-generation tools. You simply tell the ai writing tool what your topic is and it’ll create the article for you.


  • It provides you with 50+ customized templates
  • Generates title and blog idea
  • Creates high-quality SEO content



$19 for 10 articles

$75 for 50 articles

$99 for 100 articles

$29/month for 30 articles

$49/month for 100 articles

$99/month for 250 articles

12. Sapling

sapling ai writing tools

It allows sales and support teams to compose and send personalized responses to customers. It is a new way to help your customers find you.

Sapling AI writing assistant makes it easy to build chatbots that are built on solid foundations.


sapling pricing

Basic: Free

Pro: $25

Enterprise: Custom rates

13. Peppertype

best ai writing tool

Peppertype Artificial intelligence is used to develop an algorithm that can comprehend what the user wants. This technology is not only used to provide the most relevant responses for the user, but also provide content.

The Peppertype app provides deep insights into your mood and how you’re feeling. It also offers helpful suggestions on what to do next, based on the progress of your mood over time.

As AI writing assistant become more advanced, more and more businesses are adopting them and using them to create content and insights.

At Peppertype.ai, writers should get better by having fun with their writing process.


  • Sentence Formatting
  • Improve your writing with rephrasing tool that quickly transforms rough text into a polished piece of prose.
  • A grammar checker with an artificial intelligence to make sure mistakes are avoided before they’re published.
  • Peppertype advanced plagiarism checker ensures that all your content is one-of-a-kind.


peppertype pricing

Basic Plan: $25 per month

Growth Plan: $165 per month

14. Neural Text

neural text ai writing tools

Neural Text is a platform with machine learning, which automatically creates new content for you. It has been used in different industries such as healthcare and education, and it’s even helped journalists create articles using AI.

In recent years, natural language processing has undergone major innovation. Advancements in this area of technology have made it more accurate than ever before.

The system will continually improve as it learns more about its topics. This means you can be confident that the software will grow and adapt to you and your needs.

It is a platform that allows writers to create original content, as well as to read and share existing texts.


  • With Neural Text AI algorithm, You can scan for the best and most relevant keywords for your product or niche.
  • It’s content optimizer ensures that your content is of the highest quality.
  • A high-quality traffic strategy that’ll have you ranking on top of Google’s index.
  • Increase your keyword density automatically and enable your blog to reach more customers.


neural text pricing

Basic Plan: $0

Starter: $49

Pro: $119

15. TextSpark

textblaze ai writing tool

TextSpark is a friendly AI writing Writing tool that will generate original, creative article ideas for you. You’ll be able to turn up the playfulness however you like and tailor TextSpark to your needs. It’s designed to be a companion, not an obstacle.

You’re forced to adhere to a strict tone or mode of writing in order to be professional. That’s not true with this tool. You can have fun and use it for any type of content you need, including blog posts, emails, articles, and more. The tool will do the work for you–you’ll just need to put in the initial effort.

Textspark helps you find a voice and message that fits your company’s personality. It’s like having an assistant who can generate ideas and match them with your brand’s voice.

TextSpark is designed to help you know what you want before you ask. The more it learns about your preferences and routines, the better it gets at anticipating what’s coming next.

Smartly designed for both desktop and mobile, this content generator will load instantly.


  • Its intuitive interface makes creating and reviewing posts a snap!
  • Your blog content should sound like you, not a template. It can also have different styles and voices, like a customizable chatbot.
  • If you’re a writer who needs to take care of your business while on the go, TextSpark is THE writing app for you. It’s clean, beautiful, and distraction-free – the perfect writing app for any content creator.
  • TextSpark takes care of outlining your project so you don’t have to worry about writer’s block or forgetting ideas.
  • Whether you want to write in your own voice or try a new writing style, rewordit can help. We offer an alternative format that will make your content flow ten times faster.


textblaze pricing

Premium Tier – $9.99/mo

Professional Tier – $14.99/mo

Unlimited Tier – $24.99/mo

16. ProWritingAid – AI Content Generator

prowriting aid ai writing tools

If you deal with academic content and can’t afford the risk of mistakes, ProWritingAid can help.

With 1000+ pre-built writing styles to choose from, you’ll be sure to find just the right one for your task.

As a copywriter, it’s important to pay attention to the details of sentence length and word count. Without feedback, writers don’t know if they are providing too little or too much information. Our software provides detailed reports that can help enhance your writing style.

Its AI-based editor includes unique writing suggestions, related content for you to read, and even videos and quizzes to help keep you engaged.

As you use it more and adjust to what the AI can do, you’ll find that it learns from your style and follows your development.

It can be used for research projects and essays, as well as professional articles.


  • You want to be able to integrate your product as quickly and easily as possible. Its APIs are straightforward and our documentation is guaranteed to answer your questions quickly and accurately.
  • This is a fully cloud-based solution
  • Letters and selection of font
  • Integrate with popular apps like Medium and Gmail, making it easy for you to manage your blog posts on the go.


prowritingaid pricing

  • Monthly Plan at $20/month
  • Lifetime Plan at $399 (one-time payment)
  • Individual Business Plan at $6/month
  • Business Teams Plan at $8/user/month (minimum two users, billed annually).
  • Enterprise Plan at custom rates

17. AdZis

adzis ai writing tools

AdZis is a content engine focused on e-commerce. If you don’t have an e-commerce store, this won’t work for you.

For e-commerce sites, this is a great option! A content generation platform focused on e-commerce makes sense to try since they understand your business needs.


  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Generates Blog Posts
  • Generates Social Media Post
  • Generates Product description


adzis pricing

  • Free plan
  • Starter: $9
  • Intermediate: $49
  • Professional: $99

18. Jasper

jasper ai writing tool


Jarper was previously known as Jarvis. Jasper is one of the leading AI writing software tools available. They recently partnered with Headlime and Shortly. Although both Headlime and Shortly still operate independently, they plan to fully integrate with Jarris in the future.

Create your blog posts, eBooks, articles, scripts, and more. Choose a subject area and Jasper will write the content for you. So now that “content generation” is becoming what some call natural language generation in content marketing, Jasper.AI is an invaluable tool.


  • AI-Based Long-form editor that allows you to write full documents using smart features to help you.
  • Plagiarism detector allows you to write freely without worrying about accusations of theft.
  • With a speed writer, you don’t need to worry about spending time and energy on crafting a blog post. Simply hit start and the software will create a masterpiece for your article in minutes!
  • The Blog Generator has integration with SEO Surfer, a tool that will allow you to analyze your website’s rankings. It also includes many helpful features, such as a keyword analyzer and content optimization.
  • The article rewriter allows you to easily generate new copies of articles or rewrite existing ones that are targeted with targeted keywords for increased SEO results.


jasper pricing

Starter Mode: Starts at $29/mo

Boss Mode: Starts at $59/mo

SEO Surfer add-on: starts at $59/mo

18. Closers Copy

closers copy ai writing software

Many machine learning-based content writing services use GPT-3, but that’s not the case for Closers Copy. According to their website, “These models are not trained to write marketing material. Fortunately, our models are! When you work with us, you get to work with REAL marketing copy that will help sell your products and services.” And because we own this technology, there are no content filters or restrictions.

One of Closers Copy’s best features is its optimized Facebook community. The course and tool will help you succeed with your messaging and customer communication. The only issue I have with them is that the website does not clearly explain what their product offers.


  • 24×7 support
  • Search Engine optimized content
  • Different Language Options are available


closers copy pricing

Power: $49.99

Superpower: $79.99

Superpower Squad: $99.99

19. Anyword 

The best way to boost your online sales is by optimizing your website visitors’ engagement. After all, successful conversions lead to increased revenue. Anyword provides you with the tools and insights you need to reach all of your goals at once. The software also offers predictive analytics that can help you learn what type of content works best, and what features might need some tweaking. 

20. Regie.ai

Regie is another AI writing tool that uses AI to analyze your customer’s behavior and provide recommendations on what to say next. Using machine learning enables you to build a sales sequence that gets results.

My Opinion

Jasper, Copyai and writesonic are the best ai writing tools in the market. If you know any other tool, let me know in the comment section.